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2016’s Top 10 Video Ads that Got the Most Social Media Shares

Everyone loves a good ad. On social media, some ads are loved more than others. Here’s a look at 2016’s top 10 shared video advertisements, courtesy of London’s video analytics firm, Unruly.


The Most (Socially) Loved Ads of 2016

Coming in at #1 is the UK based department store John Lewis. Their ad, entitled “#Buster the Boxer,” went public on November 9th, and has had roughly 1.9 million shares thus far. On You Tube, it’s had 20.7 million views, bringing it to the top slot in just under one month. This clip is the most recent of the John Lewis Christmas adverts, which have become an annual tradition since 2007.

Videos from around the world made it into the Unruly list; companies hailing from the UK, US, Canada, India and Egypt all claimed a spot. But the two highest ranking videos both hailed from the UK. Coming in at the #2 spot, just behind “#Buster the Boxer” was Channel 4’s “We’re the Super Humans” ad for the Rio Olympic Games.

Unruly’s ranking system is based on the amount of shares that a video ad has earned across social media platforms, such as You Tube, Facebook and the rest of the information superhighway. Their criteria included official ads that were released between January1-November 29, 2016.

In addition to “We’re the Super Humans,” the Unruly top ten included Nike’s “The Switch” (#6) for the European Football Championships and “Ultrasound” by Doritos (#7) for Super Bowl 50.

The remaining six ads in the top ten are: Shell’s “#MakeTheFuture” in 3rd place, “Ramadan 2016” a fun and entertaining musical ad by Vodafone Egypt at number 4, S7 Airlines’ “Upside Down and Inside Out w/ OK Go,” which, according to the disclaimer was shot entirely in zero gravity, came in at number 5, “#ShareTheLoad” by Ariel India at number 8, Cadbury Canada’s “Aliens” was number 9 and “Teachers” by 7Eleven Thailand came in at number 10.

We’ve provided links to all of the ads below…so grab a bowl of popcorn, and be sure to check them out!

Unuly’s Top 10 Most Shared Videos of 2016

1) John Lewis: #BusterTheBoxer (1,949,387 shares):

2) Channel 4: We’re the Super Humans (1,851,533 shares):

3) Shell: Best Day of My Life #MakeTheFuture (1,683,072 shares):

4) Vodafone Egypt: Ramadan 2016 (1,435,350 shares):

5) S7 Airlines: Upside Down and Inside Out w/ OK Go (1,240,842 shares):

6) Nike Football: The Switch (969,650 shares):

7) Doritos: Ultrasound (893,465 shares):

8) Ariel India: #ShareTheLoad (877,558 shares):

9) Cadbury Canada: Aliens (852,895 shares):

10) 7Eleven Thailand: Teachers (792,328 shares):