Web designers in AustinMuch of a website’s visual appeal is determined by web design. Austin business owners who want to drive more traffic to their website should make sure their website is performing at its optimum and is aesthetically engaging. Such a task can be handled by the professionals at Big Gorilla Design.

We’re an agency that’s dedicated to helping both startups and scale-ups increase their clicks and conversion rates. Our Austin web design firm also has a solid background in a wide variety of online marketing components. If you want to improve the look and feel of your website, come to us. Our professional team of professional designers, developers and brand specialists will create a stunning, functional, SEO-optimized site that accurately represents your brand identity.

What Does an Austin Web Design Firm do?

Austin web design is a creative process that involves the design aspect of website development. This is where ideas on the look and feel of a website are generated and incorporated into the final product. Given this, Austin web design firms are in charge of presenting content on website pages that should inspire consumers to take action.

The Elements of Web Design

A wide variety of visual elements make up web design, and one is as important as the other. The successful manipulation of these web design components is the key to heightening the chances of your audience converting. A good Austin web design firm can help you navigate these elements.

Graphics in Web Design: Graphics can mean various things in web design, from logos and photos to icons and clipart. These visual elements are integral to web design, as they help enhance the overall appearance and even the functionality of a site. The Austin web design firm you choose to work with should have a good command of graphic designer principles.

For effective web design, the incorporation of graphics into the website must be appropriate in that they work with the colors and content of the pages. At the same time, the web design of a site shouldn’t be congested with graphics. That’s because this might not only negatively impact the appearance of the site but also slow down its loading time. Wherever possible, your Austin web design firm should use svg files for vector images. And also use an image compressor to make sure images are fast loading and optimized. It can also be helpful to load your images through a CDN, like Cloudflare, to help improve speed and security for your site.

Fonts in Web Design: Apart from making your website more aesthetically pleasing and also strengthening your brand presence, well-picked fonts play a key role in your pages’ functionality. Some website browsers can only read certain fonts, and the job of an Austin web design firm is to identify and use web-safe fonts. With the right type of font, the content on your website can be properly read, and more would know about your product, service, or cause.

Your Austin Web Design Firm Should Understand the Principles of Color in Web Design: This element of web design is determined depending on the clientele and purpose of the website. The choices range from black-and-white to multicolored design or any other color combination that effectively communicates the personality of your brand or organization. An Austin web design firm may also suggest a color mix that would go well with the color and style of the website text.

Austin Web Design Firms are Experts in Layout: A website layout refers to the arrangement of graphics, text and other elements of web design on the website. Your Austin web design firm should aim to place the elements of web design where they can easily attract a visitors’ attention, without compromising the design’s overall balance, consistency, and integrity.

The Best Austin Web Design Firms Implement User-Friendly Web Design

Apart from making online pages visually compelling, the best Austin web design firms will also help ensure a website’s functionality. Web design firms put effort into making websites user-friendly for a better browsing experience of visitors.

The site navigation has to be efficient to help users of the site move around with ease. At the same time, interactive features must be present for increased involvement from visitors. An Austin web design firm can add features to your website to help promote better audience engagement by allowing your audience to discuss and leave feedback about the product or service featured on the website. You can learn more about the importance of web design here.

Big Gorilla Design Is Consistently Rated Among the Best Austin Web Design Firms

Improve your website’s user experience, and increase your conversion rates with help from Big Gorilla Design! Our web design firm provides a wide range of services, including web design, SEO, marketing, brand development, graphic design, copywriting and photography to help you get the most out of your web design experience. Contact us for more details.

Big Gorilla Design: Proven Specialists in Web Design

In today’s digital age, one way of ensuring business success is establishing a unique brand image that differentiates your company from competitors. You can achieve this by leveraging the digital platform to strengthen your brand, gain visibility, and give your target audience a convincing selling proposition.

Big Gorilla Design is here to help you do that.

A Perfect Mix of Innovation and Creativity

At Big Gorilla Design, the creative juices never stop flowing. Also, our out-of-the-box mentality when it comes to your website design and marketing allows us to deliver fresh ideas to our valued clients. Although we have a playful and free-flowing approach, we take your business very seriously. Nothing is more important to us than helping you succeed.

Whether we are working with a large company or a small business, we bring the same level of passion and enthusiasm to every project we take on. We specialize in identifying the strengths of your brand and translating them into an exceptional experience, whether your goals are web design, branding, a digital marketing campaign or all of the above. Consider us as partners who are here to help you elevate your business and brand.

Communication and Collaboration: A Winning Formula

Our team firmly subscribes to the theory that communication is the driving force behind any fruitful partnership. We are dedicated to forming lasting relationships with our clients by displaying our versatility and knowledge of the web design industry.

Would you like us to build a website that attracts consumers or develop eye-catching marketing collateral? Are you interested in boosting your brand’s SEO capabilities so that your company can stand out in online searches? We will closely collaborate with you so that we can determine the right web design, brand or marketing strategy that perfectly suits your needs.

On top of turning your vision into reality, we try our best to work within your budget. Whether you require a small or major campaign, you can expect outstanding results from us.

Complete List of Our Web Design, Branding, and Marketing Services

Our Austin web design firm offers a wide range of services to help your company succeed, covering various aspects of web design, branding and marketing. You can see our full list of services here. And a shorter version is also available on our About page.

Educating Clients on the Importance of Working with a Professional Austin Web Design Firm

Apart from providing our clients with excellent custom web design & development, we also want to educate them about the nature of the digital platform. Our blog entries offer interesting perspectives on a variety of topics, including web design, marketing, branding and SEO.

Effective, Custom Web Design

Working with an agency that can handle all facets of your company’s needs and create a cohesive brand presence while doing so is vital for your company’s success. Our custom Austin web design firm keeps you a step ahead of your competition. If your team prefers to make your website updates on your own in the future, we can design your website with a content management system, such as WordPress. If you have a smaller budget and don’t need a WordPress Website, we can also design your website as static HTML. If you’re interested in using Webflow for your website, we can also design your website on Webflow. We can go through each option extensively so that you can have a clearer idea of what might work best for your company and what you exactly need.

Enhancing Visibility Through Good SEO Tactics & Marketing that Works

Some creative agencies may opt to use “bad” SEO tactics, such as keyword stuffing. This approach is not recommended because you won’t generate “organic” traffic. We approach SEO the proper way because we want your brand to have a good standing in search engines. Other complimentary marketing service include Pay Per Click ads / Search Engine Marketing, such as managing your Google Ads and Big Ads.

Branding that Gets Your Company Noticed

We’re a small firm with big ideas and we approach every facet of our web design with ensuring strong and memorable branding remains at the forefront. Our branding specialists have a variety of expertise in multiple industries, and our out of the box thinking keeps your brand ahead of the competition at every turn.

Turn to a Dynamic and Reliable Austin Web Design Firm

Always remember that the key to succeeding in a competitive environment is solidifying your brand’s reputation in the industry, especially within your target market. With the help of Big Gorilla Design, your company can definitely take a huge leap forward. Click here to view some of our work!

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