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Go beyond a brochure website and venture into a true website design & branding experience.

Your website is more than a series of pages sitting on the web. It’s the face of your business, it’s how you tell your story, communicate your message, showcase your products and capabilities, and convert leads. For many companies, your website is one of the most important sales tools you’ll ever have.

Forty-six percent of potential customers base their purchasing decisions off of the quality and trust factors inherent in your web design alone. With statistics like that, can you really afford not to have a great website design?

Based in Austin TX, Big Gorilla Design offers the best in Austin website design. Our agency has been rated among the top web designers in Austin, and our top-notch team of Austin web designers, marketers and branding professionals are experts in their fields.

What Makes a Website Design Great?

Image matters, and that goes for web design too. Your website needs to look great, be authentic, be true to your brand and appeal to your visitors. But a great website design is much more than a pretty face.

A great website design involves a strong call-to-action (CTA) strategy that guides your website visitors to the desired goal. Whether that goal be making a purchase, as with an e-commerce site, joining your mailing list, signing up for a course, becoming a member, or contacting you to enlist your services or learn more about what you do. Whatever the goal may be, it’s the CTA strategy in your website design that will help drive it.

At the core of any website design should also be a good user experience and user interface design. These elements help engage your visitors, leading them to take action and convert.

Strong On Page search engine optimization (SEO) should be a part of every website design, but unfortunately not every web design firm has a strong basis in SEO. Your website and its pages need to be SEO optimized to bring you the best results in search engines like Google and Bing.

With recent Google algorithm updates, having a blog that’s updated regularly, with quality and unique content is becoming increasingly important. Now more than ever, you’ll want to incorporate a blog into your website design. Content management systems (CMS) like WordPress are a great way to do this, and make it easy for companies to update and add blog posts on their own.

With over half of website traffic coming from mobile devices for many businesses, a responsive website design is an absolute must in today’s web design practices. If your company does not yet have a mobile-friendly, responsive website (i.e. a website design that responds to various screen sizes), it’s definitely time for a new web design.

Other elements that contribute to making a web design great include compelling photography and graphic design that represents and showcases your brand, a company video highlighting what your company’s about, i.e. a company explainer video, and great content that communicates your brand message and leads visitors towards the end goals.

When choosing a web designer to work with, you want a company that has a strong foundation and expertise in not only website design, but marketing and branding as well – a company that can partner with you to devise a complete strategy that will drive your brand to excel. That’s where we come in. Our agency can handle as much or as little as you need in terms of your website design, marketing and branding.

What’s Our Website Design & Development Process?

From our initial meetings, we engage in a collaborative process that begins with learning about and understanding your company’s needs and goals. We utilize that information to fuel our analysis, research and planning. From there, we begin working on the architecture, wireframing, mockups and (if desired) content creation, which could include copywriting, original photography & video. We then move into the website design & development stage, designing your website with SEO best practices in mind.

Once your new website launches, we don’t disappear. Should you need help with your website in the future, we’ll always be there to lend a helping hand. Well, we do sleep sometimes.

If your company’s in need of ongoing marketing & branding, or website maintenance, great, we can partner with you on that too! Our home base is in Austin, but we work with companies of all shapes and sizes all over the globe. Be sure to check out some of our other core services for other ideas of what we can do for you.

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