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Don’t Sell Your Company Short: The Benefits of a Custom Website Design

Why Website Builder Software Can Hurt Your Business in the End

In Austin, prices can vary as to what you can expect to pay for your website design. There’s an old saying, “you get what you pay for”, and that’s true to some extent of web design too. The truth is great website design doesn’t need to cost you your first born, but it should cost something. When you hear the words free or cheap web design, you may want to think beyond the initial dollars you’ll be saving, and really consider how much this may be costing your business in the end.

It’s true that everyone likes to save money, which is why business owners often fall prey to the many do-it-yourself (DIY) website builders that promise ease and efficiency, as well as super low costs, but in the end leave your business looking not nearly as professional as it could. In addition to shortchanging your company on the design and professionalism end, website builders also tend to include a lot of bloated code that can slow down your website and leave extra room for hackers. Search engine optimization (SEO) can also be an issue with website builders. Add to that with most website builders, you can’t take your website with you should you decide you don’t want to host with them anymore, and you begin to wonder what really is the appeal. Oh yes, that dangling little rope with the free or cheap sign, oh yeah, look at all that money I’m saving.

Wait, stop, halt! It seems we’ve all forgotten – a rope can hang you, bind you, and do many unpleasant things. I mean who likes rope burn? Not us. Likely not you either.

Sometimes it’s important to think on the flip side of saving money – and consider how much money you’ll be gaining, with a website design by a professional website designer & web development firm.

A Web Designer Disclosure

Ok, if you’re here on our web design blog, you already know – of course we’re website designers / web developers. And you may be thinking, that’s why they’re saying this.

Well of course, we do have certain feelings about this subject due to the nature of our being a web design & website development firm, but the reality is that the damage of looking and sounding unprofessional, particularly on your website, which is available for public consumption 24/7, can equate to major losses in income.

As proud as you may be of the website you created, because you created it, if it doesn’t look professionally designed, and if your website platform is hurting your chances of ranking higher in search engines, your business will suffer.

Consider the impressions of a customer who visits your website – there’s a good chance that this same customer is likely to choose the competition if confronted with a company that looks like they have a Do-It-Yourself website, and weren’t willing to spend the money on a professional website design, especially when the competition did spend the money on a quality website design.

Why does it matter? Because your website is the ambassador of your business, and the quality of your website design is often viewed as reflective of the quality of your company and your work/service or product.

Your Website Needs to Make an Impression. Make Sure It’s Not a Bad One.

Having a Quality Website Design Builds Trust

Another aspect that some business owners sometimes don’t think about is the trust factor.

Studies have shown that when websites look like a Do-It-Yourself website, or too much like a generic template, people are much less likely to trust the company.

They become skeptical, and concerned about the implications of using or buying from that company; they wonder whether that company is legitimate.

They may find themselves wondering: Why does the website look slapped together? Is it not a real company?

Or: Why does their website design look like it’s 20 years old?

In the latter case, potential customers and clients may also start wondering if your company’s products or services are just as outdated as your website.

An initial impression such as this has already cost a business much more than it can afford.

It’s important to realize how much these impressions can even subconsciously affect a potential customer.

A study by Business 2 Community unveiled that 46% of potential customers or visitors to your website make their decision whether to do business with you by your website alone. That’s a lot of customers to lose because you wanted to save some money on your web design.

Always remember your website is your ambassador to the world.

Rather than a small business owner attempting to do their own website design (and even those simple DIY web design builders can end up taking business owners a good deal of time), their time could be better spent managing and growing their business, and doing what they enjoy. And then hiring a professional web designer to create a custom website design, making their website the best it can be.

“When It Sounds too Good to Be True, It Probably Is” Applies to Website Design as Well

Unfortunately, there are a lot of real charlatans in the web design & SEO industry. They prey on business owners, telling them some outrageous things.

Get rich quick website design & SEO companies promise great results for your website, but in reality offer very little in return…

You may have heard the spiel. They tell you something like, “We’ll build your website for you and get you on the first page of Google in a day.” It sounds so good, you want to believe it. Who wouldn’t?

But as anyone who’s tried it knows, things just don’t work that way. At least not anymore. The nature of SEO has changed drastically, and what used to work years ago will only get you penalized by Google now.

Best case scenario when you sign up with one of these get rich quick web design & SEO companies is that you’ll end up signing a yearly contract to flail around on page 6 of Google, with a generic, sterile template of a website, and by the time you’re done, this “great deal” has cost you more than hiring a professional web designer, because the monthly payments keep adding up and your revenue keeps going down.

The worst case scenario? You’ll be penalized by Google, your web presence will virtually disappear (yes, Google can and will wipe you off the map), and you’ll have to hire a legitimate SEO company and/or a web design firm to fix the problems they created.

And just like the DIY website, you’re also left with the dilemma of when you leave the company, you’re going to lose your website. That doesn’t say much for the value you’ve gotten.

Though it may sound good initially, these deals are never winners for any business owner.

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Your Web Design Is Reflective of Your Company

In the end, having a polished and prominent presence on the Internet is an important part of every business. Here’s where the need for a professional web designer comes in. If you have ideas about what your website should look like, but not the ins and outs on how to achieve these goals, it’s best not to try to do it on your own: contact a professional web designer…it will save you hours of headaches and bring you more benefits in return.

Certainly, you can take a stab and give a DIY website a whirl. But the benefit of a professional web design firm is their experience; they spend a good deal of time thinking out the logic of your site to make it the most effective in helping your business grow and generating leads. Experienced web designers are worth the extra money, because you’re getting value that ends up paying for itself very quickly.

As Austin web designers, one of the things we do is make sure we talk regularly with the client, prior to beginning the design process, so we get a real feel for their company, their needs and how we can best help. We create a solution that works for our clients within their budget, with the end goal in mind of helping their business become the most successful it can be.

If you need help with your website design, branding or marketing, contact our Austin web design firm. We’re happy to help, so give us a call. Let’s chat.