April 18, 2022 1monicasiri

Big Gorilla Design Awarded Local Excellence Award & Top Web Design Company Kudos

Not 1, But 2 Great Awards

Big Gorilla Design’s been busy. Like everyone, we’re getting back into the groove of things in a post-pandemic world. We’re proud to announce not one, but two recent awards we’ve received.

We recently received news from UpCity that Big Gorilla Design was awarded a Local Excellence Award for 2022. Always nice to hear the word excellent in association with our company name. Thank you UpCity!

Big Gorilla Design was also recently selected as one of the Top Web Design Companies in Austin by the International Business Times. You can check out that article here.

A hearty thank you to both of these companies for having such great taste (just kidding). Awards, kudos and acknowledgements are always appreciated by us Gorillas – almost as much as bananas.

Want to hear more about what’s been going on at Big Gorilla Design? Reach out to us here.